Thank you for motivating me and encouraging me to keep going and to pursue my passion. Otherwise I would have given up – or at least felt discouraged and not been to motivated.


I had not anticipated just how much I would benefit from the coaching sessions. Although many of the situations I am facing at work and in my personal life have not significantly changed my approach to them has and, as a result, I have a clearer sense of direction, more realsitic expectations of myself and a slightly improved work life balance. I would highly recommend Mary as a coach.

Mary responds in an affirming and understanding manner and is skilled in helping me to keep focussed on the wider picture, enabling me to explore in a safe and confidential setting possible realistic courses of action.

As director of a small charity that was (and still is ) facing some serious challenges, I was looking at my options for longer term employment prospects - given the complexities of home life and the need for very flexible working arrangements. Initial work with Mary helped me to recognise the experience and skills I had and to write an up to date CV. The process gave me a different perspective on my current role and resulted in me casting aside the notion of applying for a new job, focusing my energies on doing everything possible to find ways of keeping and developing my existing one by finding new ways of securing the future of the charity.

S. Furlong
Director of a small charity

The first coaching session I had with Mary helped crystallise my thinking somewhat (where do I need to go next / where do I want to go next); the second felt hard because we were trying to hone this down, and not get stuck / have me feel like I was limiting myself. The third session mopped up a few questions I had for selling myself well, such as in a speculative letter, and some practical guidance on filling in an application form, and how I should be trying to present myself. I liked the card prompts, where you thought of where you needed help and picked a corresponding card. There were so many helpful things that I came away with, such as looking for the pattern in the jobs I have had, and to approach looking for new jobs as I would like something a bit more creative, like my scrap-booking ahead of making a pattern. I had previously kept that sort of thing separate, but it is completely sensible to do this for job hunting!

I remember Mary saying in the first session that she was there to guide me towards answers. She certainly did that, although I did not feel pushed at all. I think Mary recognised the work and thinking I had been putting into deciding my next move, so we had good rapport that way, being as we both had good intentions.

R. Tyrrell
Policy Officer for a UK Research Funder

The key outcome of working with Mary was finally knowing for sure what I really wanted to do about my job - after a couple of years of messily tossing around the options. What I liked about Mary's approach was her straightforwardness, and also her way of guiding my thought processes so it was me who made the final decision . I would happily recommend Mary Maybin as a life coach; she was incredibly helpful to me and I ended up with a load off my shoulders!

Keith Warmington
Radio presenter

Our session last week was unbelievably helpful. Within 24 hours of the coaching session, I felt my life was back on track. It's amazing how powerful one coaching session with you is.

Anna Percy-Davis