Action Learning

Action learning is a bit like group coaching – but it is not group work. You meet up with the same group every 2 months and each person presents a real live issue from work. Everybody gets quality time in the group to explain their issue and then the group asks open questions to help you really dig down into what the problem is and to find an answer to the problem. It doesn’t even have to be a problem – it can be an opportunity that you aren’t sure whether to go for or not and basically the group help support you in thinking it all through. It often ends up that you go way beyond your comfort zone and find a solution that you hadn’t even imagined before.

Action Learning is a tried and tested method of learning that has been around since Reginald Revans first introduced the concept in the 1950s to the Coal Board. It is particularly relevant to our way of work nowadays as there are such high levels of visibility about how we all work and communicate with each other, there is a culture of disclosure and trust and people are more willing and able to collaborate than ever before.

Action Learning is literally just that – you learn exactly what you need to move you on to the next stage of your enterprise and the group helps you build in the accountability to kick it all into action!

Coaching can also be used to generate individual learning and support between sessions.

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Some of feedback from one Action Learning group was –